As My PS4 Sits Idly By

Here I sit with a new, launch-day PlayStation 4. I have had none of the problems that a few people have supposedly been having. The blue light of death and the red line of death have thus far been absent. Standing proudly next to my PS2-emulation PS3 (with a recently-upgraded 500 GB hard drive), the […]

The Console Launch Knee-Jerk Reactions Have Begun

Yesterday Sony announced an updated blog entry/FAQ regarding the upcoming launch of the PlayStation 4.  As is typical for the Internet, knee-jerk reactions abounded with complaints about functionality that will be “missing” from the PlayStation 4 at launch, such as support for external hard drives to expand primary storage, DLNA, and MP3 and audio CD […]

Used Games, DLC, and Online Passes Aren’t (Always) Evil

The recent reversal of Microsoft’s policies regarding the Xbox One have brought to light once again the whole issue of used games and whether used games hurt developers as well as issues regarding online passes and to a much lesser extent downloadble content. Used games are generally a binary issue: people either love them or […]

PAX East 2013 – Days 2 and 3

I planned on having an article for each day at PAX, as shown by my previous article that ended with “Day 1”. The realities of doing such a thing were outweighed by the fact that Saturday night is always a late night at PAX East, thanks to many of us from the Destructoid community closing […]

Others Were More Deserving At The Oscars

Anyone who listens to my podcast knows that I’m not a fan of the Oscars.  Rowan Atkinson accurately reflected my views during one of his stand-ups when he said: What could be more dull than these sordid back-slapping sessions where has-beens in tuxedos hand over to even older has-beens in tuxedos awards for plays that […]

You Do Not Deserve A Kickstarter Refund

Recently, some articles have been making the rounds regarding defunct projects on Kickstarter. (For those who have never heard of it, Kickstart is a crowdsourcing web site where people pledge money to help to support the creation of new projects, such as movies, video games, music, and so forth.) Kickstarter has already had some incredibly […]

The Widescreen.Org Movie and Media Podcast #099

George Lucas will officially retire, alien “Ninja Turtles” indefinitely suspended, Toshiba will release a 21:9 tablet, HBO tells web-only supporters to go away, 500 free movies for you to watch, Pennywise will return in a two-part movie, and you can build an awesome AT-AT loft bed. Click here to listen or right-click to download (Sorry, […]

New Old News About Video Games

I find it amazing how many people still think that video games are a waste of time or are doing nothing more than training people to be killers. These people are clearly insane, as millions of gamers who would never harm another would tell you.  (If these lunatics were correct, gamer conventions like PAX would […]

Why The Android Tablet Makers Continue To Fail

I’ll admit that accusing Android tablet makers of “failing” might be a bit much; but considering that I want to buy a 10-inch Android tablet and I have yet to find one that’s reasonably priced, I consider that to be a failing on their part. As I type, my trusty HP TouchPad sits to my […]