The Movie and Media Postcast #155

Yes, I skipped a few episodes here. Sorry about that; however, you should be checking out my official podcast site or subscribing through iTunes anyway. (I’m working on adding more streaming options for those who don’t like or can’t run iTunes.) Also, I’ve decided that I’m going to start posting show notes here as well as on […]

Thew Movie and Media Podcast #149

I actually managed to get a podcast done not only less than two weeks from the previous one (a miracle in and of itself as of late) but I set my own record by having it done in just over two hours! Hopefully this bodes well for future episodes. In this episodes, Sony got hacked […]

The Movie and Media Podcast #148

Somehow we ended up with a bit of a short show this time. Of course, that’s what happens when Chrome blows up and the RSS plugin that I was using decides to crash with it. Disney tries for device ubiquity, Miyazaki comes to Blu-ray, fourth Toy Story film on the way, Episode VII title is somewhat […]

The Movie and Media Podcast #138

Another show, another rant. This time it’s directed (again) at the clueless disc haters who have themselves convinced that physical media will go away in only two years (ignoring the fact that we won’t see the infrastructure for that to happen within our lifetimes). Otherwise, The Fault In Our Stars and the latest X-Men dominate their respective […]

Review – Google Chromecast

“Cutting the cord” seems to be one of the big buzzphrases lately. With hundreds of cable channels available, but only a handful worth watching, people are understandably getting tired of paying over $100 a month for hundreds of channels that they will never watch. Several devices are available to help you to sever your connection […]

The Movie and Media Podcast #105

Get ready for podcast #105, although it might be a downer for a lot of you. One empire takes over a different “Empire”, a “Blade Runner” sequel is happening, Ubisoft gets a partner for their “Assassins Creed” film, the BBC iPlayer is blocked in the US by Comcast and Time-Warner, the “Firefly” crew reunites, 4K is […]

The Movie and Media Podcast #104

Podcast #104 is up! (Listen to it! It’ll save your life — somehow…) Several new streaming (hardware) options are now available, movies on USB are doomed to fail, all-you-can-watch MoviePass decides to launch, “The Princess Bride” celebrates its 25th anniversary, you can help a new “Star Trek” series, the upcoming “Les Mis” breaks new territory […]

The Movie and Media Podcast #103

Retailers have been caught violating TV size advertising restrictions, LG removes online pricing competition from high-end TVs, new “Hobbit” stills are released, DreamWorks to release 12 movies by 2016, the new RoboCop looks idiotic, “Pirates 5” to start shooting, “Boondock Saints 3” is getting started, the BFI explains how they’re restoring Hitchcock’s silent films, and […]

Stop Trusting The Cloud

I understand why some people think that “the cloud” is a good idea. Who wouldn’t love the idea of always being able to access your data, regardless of where you are, without having to say “the file is on my PC at home” or without having to deal with syncing up data you’ve modified on […]

Review: The Nixeus Fusion HD

Wanting to stream your media to your TV or wanting to store a copy of your DVD and Blu-ray collection can prove to be a bit of a challenge. Do you build a file server? Do you use an Xbox 360 or PS3? Do you build a full HTPC? Do you buy a regular PC […]