Jan 022017
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F**k you, 2016. F**k. You. And good riddance. The official symbol for 2016 should be the Grim Reaper.

Our Star Wars princess and general, Carrie Fisher, has died at 60
Hollywood legend and historian Debbie Reynolds dies at 84
Disney legacy movies are going exclusively to Hulu
Rogue One continues to dominate the box office
Rogue One hits $653M worldwide
The 2016 North American box office hits a new record at $11.4B
A list of the biggest box office bombs of 2016
Angry movie critics strike again: China blames overly-harsh critics for bad box office year
Ben Affleck might not be directing the next Batman movie after all
Debbie Reynolds was instrumental in helping to save Hollywood history
Bad Moms Christmas is greenlit
Does Disney have a 4K remastered print of the original Star Wars? Possibly.
Kevin Costner is looking to bring out a 10-hour western (over multiple movies, of course)
– Red band trailer: Alien: Covenant
VidAngel shuts down, will go into alternate, family-friendly content
No, Deadpool will not be in Logan
– Trailer: The Emoji Movie

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